27 March – Today I counted my blessings

27 March – Today I counted my blessings

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Today I counted my blessings……….. I am so proud of what we are all achieving and my job is becoming very rewarding… but today I took stock of what I have, and not what I’ve lost and I counted my blessings …. I counted them with all my might.. and despite the emotion, the anxiety, the upset and the politics I took the time to thank my lucky stars…. there is, sadly, always someone much worse off xxxx Love my boys to the moon and back, all 3 of them !!! we MISS you with every beat of our broken hearts darling Reuben, but as Isaac says ” Its a good job we had you…”
ps; Isaac just left for bed and said “I love you more than you love me”…..
(Photo, Venice August 2011- morning “snuggles” Precious!!!!)

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