27 Oct – Woweeeee……. what another busy weekend….

27 Oct – Woweeeee……. what another busy weekend….

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Woweeeee……. what another busy weekend….. All starting with another Elvis fun-raiser over in Bolton.
Whilst that was happening, Elvis’s Wife and Son, Priscilla Michelle and Jack were over at the stadium to collect a fabulous award.
Please join me in congratulating “Family of the year” for fundraising efforts on behalf of Tower FM.
Poor Darren couldn’t go as he had already committed to a Reuben gig in Bolton. So he was supported by his other son Jordan and Michelle took her friend and fabulous support Alison.
Very well deserved !!!!!!
I went to the Bolton bash to speak about our charity, as it was a new audience… for the first time in a while, I lost it, and cried…..
At the heart of all we do is Reuben and I flick a switch in my head and I reel off the facts and figures and I switch off.
On Friday I talked about the love and passion our dear friends have for Reuben’s Retreat and I talked of how much they mean to us.. I just couldn’t help myself…. tears……
We are so blessed. We have a loving family, great support and super friends.
All pushing towards that goal to help families that need us and families that hold miss in their hearts like we do.
PROUD of our friends. They look after us, look out for us and in their generous hearts they hold Reuben and his legacy.
Congratulations Darren, Michelle, Jordan and Jack, your friends and family and all that support you….

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