27 October – We created something special

27 October – We created something special

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We created something special, he was borne of love and laughter and at times when it all becomes too difficult to bear, I take comfort from knowing that he was us as we are him….

Photo “Lock up your daughters” – Reuben’s 1st and only birthday… forever “nearly 2”


Forget Me Not
By Christine Lechowicz

Forget me not, for I am with you
In the beat of your heart In the depth of your soul, too
Forgive my parting too soon and leaving you there
Feel my presence in your next breath on the whisper of your prayer
My spirit is with you on good and bad days
I share each moment with you still
Let me count the ways
Cry for my help when you need to and reach for my hand
I will be there to lift you up when you can not stand
Live each day in the moment and remember to smile
I will be waiting for our reunion, it will just be awhile
Forget me not for whatever you do, is a reflection of me…
my memory is living in you

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