27th April – GarlicKK BRead

27th April – GarlicKK BRead

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Yesterday my lovely friend arrived from Somerset.  Catherine braved the journey up t’North to spend some time with me whilst Daddy and Isaac headed over to Grandma’s for a bit of man time.  We greeted each other with tears and expressed our… sadness that we had come to meet and connected via our angel boys.  I had met Catherine, Paul and Samuel at Bristol Royal children’s hospital.  I was shocked to hear the news that 16 days after Reuben moved to heaven, so had Samuel. We collected Isaac from school, ran a few errands, stock took some hoodies and then waved off my men folk.  Then we knuckled down to a roasted tuna dinner with plenty of vino, crisps, easter egg and a movie.  This morning we headed to see Kath at the Seraphina Suites for some Reiki, where Catherine received a special message from heaven and some peace to her broken heart.  I got a couple of signs from Reuben and we were rested and lifted.  We then headed to Glossop via the fabulous Hawthorn gallery.  We dined  on noodles and then popped into Sage Green interiors to see Karen, her Sister and wonderful support raising for Reuben with her fabulous 4 day ReuBUNathon…. GREAT work.. Wonderful support, fabulous community and great HIGH St… all chipping in to help….. Catherine has now left and is heading home.  We enjoyed our time together and I hope that it brought some peace to her broken heart. There is so much happening, its difficult to keep track… I try my best and I am so sorry if I leave anyone out… its not intentional. Firstly a bIG thank you to the group of friends that were littlewoods/index they all met up last night and raised in excess of £600 !!!!  Hosted by Mum-in-law, she had also attended a pampered chef and collected monies for RR and a psychic night in the Brown cow too… over £1k winging its way from Lancaster – THANK you ALL ……. Lianne says that Mary Berry can rest easy in her bed, as she is no cake maker?  Cake totallers are currently running at;-   Ella, Tameside Hospital £175 – Victoria Foote in Cirencester £273 – Stalyhill £160 –  Travel weekly’s banana bread? –  Holiday Extras jelly races and chilli eating £200+ –  THANK YOU Springfield for your £273 –  Stella uk and Diane Wood £163 –  Kay-leigh’s Towie £532, Sky £315 and ReuBUNathon £112 –  Rachael, Heidi and Louise aged 3 – 9Yrs  £10 for biscuits – CUTE –  Aedas £35 –  British council Manchester TBA – Lindsay Curtis thank you! – Just add watersports  tHANK YOU too!  If I have missed anyone, please comment so I can THANK you….. Please continue to be an ambassador for our cause and SHARE our story !!! GOOD LUCK to all our runners tomorrow and here’s a little tale for you…  My dear friend sadly lost her Maddie in December 2011 at just 18 days old…. Tragic…  Sarah is raising funds for Maddie’s memory for Alder hey as well as raising awareness for a very worthwhile cause… Last week, her friend ran the marathon for Maddie… and who did she run behind ???? Yes… you guessed it !!! Our very own Sarah sporting Reuben on the back of her t-shirt… WHAT ARE THE CHANCES !!! There were 36,000 runners………  GOD BLESS our ANGEL children everywhere xxxx Love Mummy photo – Turkey June 12 – GarlicKK BRead

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