27th May

27th May

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SHARE – Morning everyone a great big MORNING to our runners
If you missed the footage of Mummy & I on BBC2 yesterday it is available on IPlayer for a few days.I have attached a link for you or if you are on a tablet/smartphone and have the app go to athletics & you will find it there. This footage has the POWER to gain a whole load of awareness & funds for us so please SHARE. (1 hour 13 minutes in if you dont have much time to watch the whole thing)


FUNDS – We will run a report late this week to see where we are up to £’s wise from the 10K & can we ask those who have gained paper sponsorship to pop a guesstimate on here for us so we can include this too? A few of you mentioned yesterday you are going to give it another push, I spoke to a few of you about maybe going in with a figure for your race completion time e.g 62 minutes £6.20! Will leave this in your hands as you have all done wonderful for us already X

2014 – MANY of you are ready to do the Manc 10K for us again next year….can you rally up some extra runners???? Goodness knows how we will all fit in the lovely Virgin lounge who have kindly agreed it’s our base again for 2014! We will event it this week on here so get your mates, blokes & burds on it too!
Let’s make WONDER MUMMY’s day and make this post OUR yes OUR biggest SHARE ever PLEASE PLEASE SHARE to help raise awareness with the help of the BEAUTIFUL Denise Lewis.

TY TY TY Runners, supporters & everyone in TEAM REUBEN for their part in yesterday.


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