28 August – “One year on”

28 August – “One year on”

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For anyone that missed it, here is our latest film, “One year on” courtesy of Ben Cambridge and his company;-https://www.facebook.com/thechickencoopproductions


Please CLICK on the you tube link to watch and please “SHARE” and if you like the tracks, you can purchase the EP “Never grow old” By Darren J Claxton, on Google play, Amazon or i-tunes and Darren will kindly donate £1 from each sale to Reuben’s Retreat.
The tracks featured in this film are beautiful and are named “Lights” and “dragonfly”.

Thank you Darren and Ben for your commitment and support, and its good to have you on the Reuben Express bound “Retreat” Darren……..



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