28th February – Always Think You Are Something & You Can Do Anything.

28th February – Always Think You Are Something & You Can Do Anything.

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Good evening everyone….this is Mike.  Tonight Nic is in Newcastle with work but I tell you all now….she has left me the best ever cheese, potato and onion pie !  Nic never makes pies…..it is DELICIOUS ! Anyway I wanted to update you on some information which I would really like you to SHARE if possible please…. In 6 months TOGETHER we have achieved the following : Over 23K likes on Faceboo…k (due to your shares) Over 14K followers on Twitter (due to all the retweeters) Over 15K views www.youtube/user/reubensretreat.com  And of course….A QUARTER of a MILLION pounds raised to date -THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU We still have a long way to go to reach our initial target of ONE Million Pounds in 23 months but we are on track so with your help TOGETHER we will reach this…. I am so thrilled to be able to announce the winner of the ” Reubus ” competition to win a Sausage and Mash picture tonight………………AND THE WINNER IS…….  Kay-Leigh Ashworth.  We must have had a hundred photographs from Kay-Leigh and each of them with a caption.  Thank you to all who sent pictures in to us they have made us smile. CONGRATULATIONS Kay-Leigh x Now, I know many of you say, my lovely wife Nic needs to take a break…..so I have just booked a one week holiday in Lanzarote.  We are going with Sharon, David and their wonderful children Charlotte & Rowan, we couldn’t face going away just the three of us as it just wouldn’t feel right….but I will make sure Nic recharges her batteries for a week and Isaac will make sure I don’t recharge mine ! We have two very exciting things happening in March….. 1- A Reuben’s Retreat programme will be on national TV soon – more information to follow next week 2 – A wonderful cruise agent has agreed to share our story on an E-shot to over 300K people.  We will let you know when this goes out So we have our target, we have our plans……we know TOGETHER we can do this so PLEASE, PLEASE share this post as you know I don’t really do this kind of thing…. And finally I read this today….and it made me think… Never Think You Are Nothing & Don’t Think You Are Everything. But Always Think You Are Something & You Can Do Anything. Reuben – we will create something special that will HELP create special memories for so many families….. Lots of Love….Daddy x

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