29 April – He’s not coming home…My dream can never be fulfilled

29 April – He’s not coming home…My dream can never be fulfilled

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My MISS is great today.
I have just been to see the lovely Ladies at Seraphina Centre to heal my aching heart.
Some may think that I have hit a low after the high of our property purchase, but sadly, that’s not the case, as there are no high’s…..
I could meet the Queen, win the lottery and take an exotic trip around the world, and nothing can touch it…. he’s not coming home… my dream can never be fulfilled. I have to look at what I have and work through my feelings each passing day. Concentrating on our “vision” Reuben’s Retreat.
It is just one of those mornings, couple of hours, or days? This photo was taken on our final weekend together. It was taken in a beautiful part of our country before we headed to Devon.
Soon we travel to this part of the world for a joyous occasion as a family of 3. A celebration that I would not wish to miss out on due to my MISS, a special day for special friends.
My anxiety is high, my palpitations are evident.
Sometimes the build up is the worst bit.
I have a load of RR work to keep me occupied and Im going to get back to it now……….. for anyone waiting on words, mails, calls, etc; I will be in touch in due course. We have been inundated with offers of genuine love and support.
I also want to get around to mailing and “Thanking” some special people and please bear with me… it could take months !!!!
With LOVE always,

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