29 December – Birthdays – How long will I love you Reuben?

29 December – Birthdays – How long will I love you Reuben?

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Birthdays! A time for family, friends and loved ones to let you know how loved you are….
I am loved.
What a blessed position to be in.
Today I am 43 years young. And at the age of 43 I have already cried.
Tears of love and joy for all the lovely wishes that have been sent my way and tears for the one wish that will never come true.
I also felt a fleeting glimpse of “happy” today too…. Happy feels a little strange these days and a difficult emotion for me to experience…. I know one day my happy will come back more… until then….
Thank you to my family and friends for all your beautiful messages, gifts and cards. And thank you to my lovely hubster who took me away last night and arranged lots of surprises too. Lovely hotel, balloons, chill out, hot stone massage, champagne and dinner with friends… today my head knows about it.
Mike bought me Ellie’s latest album too, Im a big fan of Ellie and her incredible work.
Today I share with you a beautiful track of hers that reminds me of Reuben
How long will I love you Reuben? As long as the stars are above you and longer if I can…….

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