29th April – Reubow

29th April – Reubow

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Thank you Jo Woodman, Donna Fanthorpe, (congratulations!), Paul Collins, Liz Dowd, The Millers, Natwest Glossop, Paul Shakespeare and Colin Wilson… more names to add to our incredible support !!!!!! This morning I was proud to be “Guest sp…eaker” at Tameside’s enterprise centre.  I spoke as a guest of Young Enterprise to the fabulous students of Denton community college. Thank you for making me feel so very welcome.  Great opportunities, great moments. I then bish bash boshed my way through hundreds of RR emails to start to get up to date and more in control of my overgrown inboxes. Collected Isaac from school ( the only child in uniform…uh oh!!! I missed that bit on the letter and just sent the £1.50 for healthy day…oooops) and we headed for Reuben’s garden.  A fellow bereaved parent was sat on the bench near Reuben… Ian likes to go up and pay his respects and reflect on Gail’s bench.  We had a chat and then I noticed a lady in the cemetery that looked really sad.  I knew of her…. She had buried her partner, soul mate and husband of many many years and I knew from a mutual neighbour and friend that she was really struggling.  So I waved, took my time and said to Ian that I was going to head over with Isaac.  She was really pleased that we took the time and we had a little chat about grief, loss and MiSSSSSS.  After a short while I said I would leave her with her happy thoughts and memories and that I would see her there again soon.  I walked off and as I turned to give her one final smile, there it was……….  I said.. Look! Look! Look what your lovely Peter has sent you………..  (it’s faint on the photo, but I hope you can see….. A Reubow)

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