29th March – The R Team

29th March – The R Team

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A happy Easter to one and all and I hope your break started off nicely today with the sunshine.  Ali stayed over last night, much to Isaac’s delight and she bought Isaac a chocolate rabbit but more importantly a star wars t-shirt… may the f…orce be with you…. Well the force was with us in more ways than one.. the force that is Steve at Ashton swimming baths, presented Ali and RR with a £500 cheque last night… WOW !!!! huge thanks… followed by a £200 cheque from Kevin and Hyde fundraisers too in Ashton today and the  lovely people of Ashton under lyne came by in their droves today too… boy they like a tombola in Ashton… we raised a fabulous £375 on the stall today and a huge BIG mahussive thank you to FGMF Ali, Our Sam, and the fabulous Audenshaw BIG SHOUT OUT TEAM that are…  Georgia, Kyle, Jack, Tom, Chris, Tom ( you rock guys !!!! ) and I hope you all and your support , have pride in your stride for taking time out of your Easter break and giving something back… I hope to see lots more of you and Im so glad you took the time today… HUGE thank you’s to you each of you !!!!   xxxx  Mummy Today as we visited Reuben’s garden and I met a fellow “bereaved” parent.  Im glad we met you today… you are not alone….. never feel like you are alone… and to EVERY bereaved parent out there…. You are individual… GRIEF is individual… nobody parented your CHILD like you did… we are all unique and there is only 1 of us… and more importantly.. one of them and that’s what makes  our children special, our very much wanted and blessed children…My posts are my posts and a snapshot of what I am comfortable sharing with you… they are real and honest….. sometimes raw.. but I don’t share it all….. My heart swells with pride when I see what we are achieving… I can see the house… I can smell it.. I can hear the laughter… and I can see the relief on families faces… I can see the gardens… I can hear the wind chimes.. I can hear the running water… it feels good… its closer than we know and you… you there… you are all a part of it… every single one of you that tombola’d today… that put a penny in the bucket and that are a part of this wonderful new journey…. WOW !!!!!! its closer… its so much closer than we could have ever dreamt…. The train isn’t stopping… we are on it…. Its racing… CHOO CHOO CHOO  !!!!! the Reuben EXPRESS bound retreat…. You on it ??????

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