2nd August – This day last year I had taken Reuben to the Doctors. I was unhappy with his sickness.

2nd August – This day last year I had taken Reuben to the Doctors. I was unhappy with his sickness.

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This day last year I had taken Reuben to the Doctors. I was unhappy with his sickness. He had not been sick too much by this time, but I just wanted to get him checked out.

Typically the symptoms for an under 5 are;-
• Persistent / recurrent vomiting
• Abnormal balance / walking / co-ordination
• Abnormal eye movements
• Behaviour change, particularly lethargy
• Fits or seizures (not with a fever)
• Abnormal head position, head tilt or stiff neck

Reuben’s only symptom by 1 August was that he was being sick. He was walking and playing fine, he hadn’t start to hold his head to one side yet, this was to come a week later. He was sleeping fine, he had no fits of seizures and his eye and hand coordination was as normal as could be.
We were given some antibiotics and some gaviscon for the acid that may be occurring and we headed off to Auntie Rach. The boys were staying with her for one night as we were going to Arnside to visit dear friends and celebrate Sharon’s birthday. Uncle Marc teased us about Reuben’s medicine and asked who had prescribed it, was it Crippin ? The boys had a great time, Reuben wasn’t sick at all, they ate sausages and Reuben wore Uncle Marc’s shoes. He signed the word “hot” when Uncle Marc couldn’t hear him when he questioned him about his spicy kebab and when he went to bed Reuben walked to everyone in turn and kissed them and said na night. Na night Isaac, Na Night Sam & Jacob and Uncle marc, Na night Rach and na night buzz as he said good night to his Brothers Buzz lightyear suitcase. All was well….. but it wasn’t and his cancer was sneaky, and stealth, it was already 4 weeks old, it was showing 1 symptom and it was about to change our lives forever.
I don’t blame the Doctors, Reuben had a very rare and aggressive tumour that only 4 – 5 children a year will get. And please don’t be frightened, but enjoy every precious moment with your darling children and then let them fly…..
Help us raise the magic million in 23 months, so we can help families like ours.
Help families build memories and have fun and look after their Mummies, Daddies and Siblings when they are so cruelly taken from us.
We MISS you dear Reuben with every beat of our broken hearts, but by golly are we glad we had you…. precious memories forever darling boy

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