2nd Feb – Reuben’s very own painting

2nd Feb – Reuben’s very own painting

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Firstly, Thank you for ALL your support last night.
Secondly, Ignore the nonsense, it’s what they want.
Thirdly, HAPPY DAY FGMF you old burd!
Fourthly, I recommend this gift for Valentine’s day
“Sausage & Mash” is Reuben’s very own painting. Created by the amazingly talented Angela Smyth. There is a lovely story behind it and there are still copies for sale. WE put together a deluxe limited edition @ £350 each of 23, representing the 23 months of Reuben’s life. And there are also of 195 limited editions available for £75 mounted or £125 mounted and framed. Of the deluxe limited editions, there are only 3 left !!! there are a few of the limited editions. So if that SPESHal someone in your life, does not know what to buy you this Valentine’s and you like the look of Sausage and his mate mash here… then please HINT your heart out and leave this post for HIM or HER to see…. It can be purchased from the gallery (see photo) plus p&P.
Thank you for supporting our genuine and very worthwhile cause
Much love – FOREVER, Mummy xxx

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