2nd March – Meet the team at Broadway Travel.

2nd March – Meet the team at Broadway Travel.

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Gosh, it seems like ages since I last posted.  It has been a busy few days.  I met with some Thomas Cook Co-op Managers on Wednesday and I know that many of them are keen to support Reuben’s Retreat and its fantastic.  Thursday I headed ove…r to Newcastle to meet the team at Broadway Travel.  They had all cooked and brought food in and sold it as a £5pp all you can eat buffet.. that really made me giggle and I thought it was a great idea.  Combined with raffle they raised in 2 days, £600 for RR.  Thank you ALL !!!!  and what another great idea.  You will be very surprised to find the cakes sold best?  Shock! “never underestimate the power of cake and Reuben”.  After a “record” 3 room change at the Hilton, I headed over for dinner with Advantage agents in the area.  A lovely couple of Gents from ulookubook have committed to the Sunderland relay marathon for RR, a thank you in advance to you both!!!!  And after dinner Joanne told me she was going to run for Reuben the… sticky toffee fun run in the lakes… YUMMMMeeeeee …..  Back to my hotel before I turned into a pumpkin I hoped for 8 hours sleep.  I had only had 1 glass of vino as Friday would be a big RR night.  My rest was interrupted by an upset tum and sadly I got 4 hours kip.. typical !!!  Friday morning I met with the lovely Laura from NCL airport and she is hosting a band night with her Dad in the North East on the 31st of March, Thank you both!!! As I headed back down the A1 I stopped by to see the holiday hypermarket and Nic D has been a huge support and loves the copy of Sausage & Mash which she purchased.  After meeting Nic I headed home, as Elvis was due in the building at 730pm and I needed to prepare my opening speech.  My journey took a delay when I found the M62 closed and a detour via Huddersfield took me 2 and a half hours to do 22 miles…. So I wrote my speech at the venue and a good time was had by all.  We raised £2007.00 Elvis was fab, Tom was great, and everyone had a really fun night – a BIG thank you to everyone involved, you know who you are !!!!  also I found out from Ali that at 5pm last night she received a call advising that we had won an award, a Pride of Tameside,  charity of the year award… isn’t that incredible!!!!  So much happening…. PRIDE in every stride …..  Today, I headed over to the Seraphine suites in Ashton, a holistic and healing centre.  Its their 1st birthday party and they are raising monies for Reuben.  I had a reading from a lovely lady, not planned and quite by accident; it gave me confirmation that we are all doing the right thing.  Tomorrow they are open again and I wish them all the very best.  I have a feeling we will all be seeing more of each other.  And then tonight, Mike and I watched Mary & Martha.  Probably not the best choice, as its about 2 grieving mothers… they made a difference though and the film was very positive.  WE both cried, so im sure it did us a bit of good.  Tomorrow for anyone that can make it, there is a craft fair at Phoenix City in Stalybridge 1 til 4pm too.   So much happening…. I try and feature, and thank and support as many people as I can supporting us.. there are so very many… we are grateful beyond words… Good night and God bless you & Yours… Mummy xxxx  ps; Girls aloud ticket bid closes tomorrow – see post

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