3 April – Hello Daddy here…..

3 April – Hello Daddy here…..

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Hello Daddy here…..

I just wanted to say how proud I am of what my wife, Nicola Graham, and all at Team Reuben have achieved in the last 2 and a half years since Reuben moved to heaven

So many families have already been able to relax, recharge and rebuild and the Retreat isn’t even open yet……but Phase 1 will be Opening SOON….
TOGETHER a we reached One Million Pounds in 23 months
Bereaved parents have been supported when grief has taken over their lives – Nic and I know how difficult this was (and still is)

Time goes by so quickly……..and although Reuben’s name and memories are spoken about in our house every day it’s Isaac who keeps us both going

He is just the most precious, loving, caring, funny, “wanting to please and make you laugh at all times” boy…..our amazing 7 year old boy who has had to cope with something no child should have to cope with losing his brother
But as I said, there isn’t a day goes by when Isaac doesn’t make us both chuckle

Isaac went to school on Friday dressed as an evacuee from the war

When we told him that Mummy had received a letter from the Prime Minister earlier in the week Isaac said – “you mean Winston Churchill”

No Isaac……..David Cameron

“Is he like Winston Churchill”………..well he runs the country !

So many quotes from Isaac make us giggle and I thought it would be nice to share a few with you today……..here are a few of our favourites

Quote One – On Christmas Day taking the wrapping paper off a present
Isaac – “Yes…..yes….yes, oh my gosh I love it….. I love it……I can’t believe it…….it’s just what I wanted”

2 seconds later…………”What is it ?”

Quote Two – “I feel so sorry for him Dad……he’s come over here from Barcelona, he’s left his family in Spain. His Mum and Dad, his brothers and his friends are all in Spain”
Oh no – who is it Isaac….someone at school ?

” No Manuel” – (he has recently been watching Fawlty Towers)

Then he does an amazing impression of Manuel saying “I know nothing”

He has also started doing Frank Spencer impressions

Quote Three – “Dad….guess who I Am……Ooo Betty…….my name is Frank Spencer”
2 seconds later…..”so go on Dad, who am I ?”

I said you’ve just told me when you were doing the impression – he hadn’t realised and then he clicked what he had said and he thought it was hilarious

Unfortunately none of the children at school know who Frank Spencer or Manuel is – YET !!

Quote Three – Which family member makes the best Lasagne ?
“I like Nan’s lasagne then Auntie Rachael’s then mummy’s, but I’m not as keen on Grandma’s” (this is my Mum)
Why is that Isaac
“Because she cheats and gets it from Aldi”

We had Spaghetti Bolognese at Grandmas on Friday night…….so the question is – was it home made or from the supermarket ? What do you think ?

You just can’t make it up – Isaac you put a smile on Daddy’s, Mummy’s face every day and I am sure Reuben is smiling down on you too

So if any of you are reading this – what’s the funniest thing you’ve heard someone under 16 years old say……….please write it below and make us smile

Thank you…….a very proud Husband and Daddy


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