30 Jan – My miss sits with me regularly, but sometimes it weighs heavier

30 Jan – My miss sits with me regularly, but sometimes it weighs heavier

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Haven’t written for a while….
So here goes…..
January has swept us off of our feet….
I thought January would give us the breathing space to plan, list, action and put into place lots of things we needed to. Don’t get me wrong, we have achieved tons as a team this month, however sometimes I feel there should be more than 60minutes in an hour and 7 days in a week. Crikey!!!! Lots to do.
Here is a one word list of some of today’s tasks alone;- Steel, planners, interiors, cooker, fridge, plans, funding, dinners, fundraising, challenges, files, asbestos, support, TV, radio, hearing loops(2 words), future, vacancy, CV, doors, sink, thanks. And those are just my words, the girls in the office would have lots to add too.
Unfortunately another 2 words on my list would be #miss and #anxiety. They aren’t tasks, but more a daily occurrence of late…..
My miss sits with me regularly, but sometimes it weighs heavier.
My miss this time, is also creating increased anxiety. An anxiety that nearly knocked me off my feet this week.
I feel for anyone that experiences anxiety regularly, and for those that live with it daily.
I know the core reasons for my anxiety, and I have the answers. My heart goes out to those that have these dreadful symptoms for no rhyme or reason…. an underlying current of breathlessness….. residual panic… exhausting… a glass that sits half empty and rarely half full…
I am taking steps to work through it and I am rolling with it, in the hope that it takes it’s ugliness and “Does one”!!!!! very soon.
I found this superhero and she made me laugh…. so I will share her with you tonight… and leave my cape at home
Tonight…. I will breathe…..

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