30 June – Tuesday challenger

30 June – Tuesday challenger

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Today’s challenger ……. meet Millie……

At the weekend 8 year old Millie took part in the Great Manchester Cycle. This is Millie’s 2nd bike ride for Reuben’s Retreat as she took part in the cycle challenge in 2012. Millie’s Daddy is always out on his bike and has also raised money for RR taking part in the Manchester to Llandudno bike ride. Lately Millie has wanted to go out on her bike with Daddy whenever she can. Millie asked if she could do a cycle challenge to see how she would do so we found the Great Manchester Cycle and entered as a family. Once we were signed up there was only ever one charity Millie wanted to raise the money for! Millie completed the 13 miles in 1 hour 42 mins and we are so proud of her. This morning she woke up asking when we can sign up for next year as she loved it so much. Millie’s little face light up as we crossed the finished line and they read our names out. So far Millie has raised almost £200 and there is still money coming in.
Millie’s and her family were visited by a ladybird at the end of their cycle too, a little nod from Reuben to say “Fanks…”

Well done Millie and family – sending our LOVE to you and your Mummy & Daddy

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