30 March – A bitter sweet day of mixed emotions

30 March – A bitter sweet day of mixed emotions

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As I came down the stairs, a found some crisp crumbs on the stairs… as you all know I LOVE crisps… nobody ate crisps on Saturday and they were not there when I left yesterday…. later as I ate breakfast, cooked by my lovely Mike, I burst into tears as our wedding song came over the radio.. I think Reuben is letting us know that he isn’t far away and that “love is in the air”. Special squeezes and loves from Isaac, hand written cards, a lovely fig candle and kettle chips !!!!!
A bitter sweet day of mixed emotions.
I am so blessed to have Isaac, but it doesn’t take away the MISS.
As I feel his MISS too.
This morning we will visit Reuben’s garden and I will clean and polish his memorial, written by Isaac.
Then buffet for my lovely Mum and Sis. Love them lots.
Love to my MUM in law who celebrates today with her Brother, their first Mum day without Grandma. And love to Reuben’s God Mummies who both received that “special” call 3 years ago today.
Sending love and peace on angels wings for everyone with MISS in their hearts today and sending sunshine to all for a happy day with smiles.
Forever grateful for your LOVE and support

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