30th August – Get a piece of that ‘PRIDE feeling’

30th August – Get a piece of that ‘PRIDE feeling’

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Hi For our new followers I am Ali, Reuben’s God Mummy AKA FGMF (Fairy God Mother Forever),
WE need your help PLEASE.

On the 10th September 2013 Reuben would have been 3. Another heart-breaking day for Mummy, Daddy, Isaac family & friends. Everyday Reuben is with all of us in hearts & minds & he always will be. Some days as you can imagine are tougher than others, without a doubt the 10-9-2013 will be one of them. Reuben will always be 23 months ‘nearly 2’ in our memories that we all cherish & hold on to so tight that it hurts.
It is also a very special day to me & Sam who is Reuben’s God Daddy as well as his big cousin & Jo-Jo, Reuben’s other God Mummy. 2 years ago on the 10th September (Reuben’s 1st birthday) the 3 of us stood together proudly and committed to the Role of Godparent with sheer PRIDE. I have just googled the definition of a Godparent and these words hit me in the heart – ‘The most important gifts you can give your godchild are your time, presence and prayers’ – WE wish we had more time with Reuben. WE wish he was here to feel our presence & us his. WE now pray in a way we never imagined we would.
I am writing this post as WE Godparents, family & friends need all the help we can get from you forever and right now, in the next 11 days……WE are more or less on track financially about £20K short of where we wanted to be by the end of August – half a million pounds. WE know how important this goal is to Mummy, Daddy, Isaac and those who will benefit immensely from Reuben’s Retreat, the sooner we have a property up & running the better.
So from a sales background in the holiday industry I also know that in business some months you hit and some you don’t…….It’s the same in the charity world trust us we are learning! July was a quieter month than anticipated wouldn’t it be fantastic to pull back and be on over the half a million by Reuben’s 3rd birthday the 10th September????

PLEASE share our page, follow us on twitter, check out YouTube & share our video ‘One Year On’, eat and bake cake, do anything you can please to raise a few quid or simply donate via our various online giving pages via www.reubensretreat.org/donate-2/ or via our latest TEXT campaign simply text CAKE23 £3 or the amount you wish to pledge to 70070 and get a piece of that ‘PRIDE feeling’ in your heart together with us on the 10th September 2013.

Many thanks for EVERYTHING you all do,
Reuben’s God Parents, Family & friends (including Nicola, Michael & Isaac & of course one powerful beautiful angel up above) XXXX

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