30th March – Reuben…Bringing People Together

30th March – Reuben…Bringing People Together

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Reuben’s Retreat is already working… on so many levels… Reuben is bringing people and communities together and Reuben has got us all talking about a subject that nobody likes to talk about…  Tonight I want to thank the gorgeous Louise… who has raised in excess of £1k on her own.. she vowed to raise £500 and have her head shaved.. I wished her every success in reaching £499.99 pence in order to keep her beautiful and stunning locks.. her locks are NO MORE !!!! ahhhhhhh !!!!!  and also a BIG thank you to Cheadle Hulme school juniors for raising in excess of £3k yes !!!! £3k !!!! wow……. Here’s what your money means……. Dear Nicola, I read your post tonight and I want to say thank you. Thankyou for sharing your pain and thoughts so beautifully. I want you to know by doing so you and little Reuben are helping others. After my second child I suffered terribly with postnatal depression, it hit me from no where and I was dealing terribly with it. I was feeling so low I was scared, I wasn’t coping and at a loss with myself. Then I seen a picture of your Reuben, your beautiful Reuben and it was like looking at my little girl….. those brown eyes, that smile and the curls they are so similar and it hit me that life is so precious…She is so precious like Reuben and here I was wallowing when I had two children who needed me so much. It was like something had switched in me and I started looking for the positives, enjoying the moment not being so anxious about the future that it eats me up. You have made me open my eyes again to the fun, the little moments, I linger a bit more with cuddles, take a bit more time to listen and play with them, I appreciate the little giggles and the quirkiness, I’ve lightened up and more importantly I am so grateful I have them. You and Reuben have saved not only me, but you have made me a better mother and you have enriched mine my husband and my little girls lives so much I can’t thank you enough. I can’t imagine the pain you have felt after losing Reuben, I cried a river reading your words as you described how you didn’t know where he was…i hope I never know how that feels I just hope you get comfort from knowing you have touched people in ways you probably never knew. You are so strong x Please continue to HELP where you can, and please SHARE xxxx Mummy xxxxSee More

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