31 Aug – Today marks 2 years since we laid our little boy to rest

31 Aug – Today marks 2 years since we laid our little boy to rest

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Today marks 2 years since we laid our little boy to rest………..
There are so many milestones for us in a Summer now. So, with this in mind, some time ago we decided as a family to take some time out to relax and recharge.
Earlier in the year my Sister was very poorly and we were all worried about her. “Auntie Rach” as she is affectionately known by many, was very poorly brought on by the shock, tragedy and worry of what we have all been through. Auntie Rach was with me every step of the way from that fateful trip to A&E to Reuben’s final breaths. In time, it was bound to take its toll. Fully recovering, we booked a beautiful villa in Croatia for a week, we got back last night shortly before midnight. We had a lovely week away as a family. New memories made and lots of fun to be had, wine to be drunk, bread and cheese to be eaten. The villa was perfect and meant that we could spend many lazy days worrying about very little. Isaac was entertained by the fabulous pool and his even more incredible cousins (whom at times were tested to their limits by patience, at their older ages of 14 & 18). I think Mum and John have got their hearing back, deafened by the regular “little boy” banter around the house. Great barbecues over the fire by Uncle Marc and Mike managed to keep to his “Lifechanging” regime of “Running for Reuben” as his run vest hit the village lanes of Butticina. As for me, a great accomplishment…. I only cried twice and I managed to read an entire book. My first book since losing Reuben that didn’t involve bereavement of some kind or another. Thank you Mr J Harvey for your incredible talent and for raising a few smiles for me this holiday, a great read and I look forward to reading your other books now too. On the way back to the airport yesterday, Isaac spotted 2 shafts of rainbow light from the clouds, and no rain to be seen… clearly, he had been with us all week and was letting us know. Many “23” signs were evident on our trip too. Last night, Mike treated myself and Isaac to £23 worth of gifts, including discount. On the way out they spent £23 on drinks, Auntie Rach’s taxi was £23, Mum spent £23 in the shop on Isaac and Jacob, we left from runway number 23R and our first scrabble game Rach won with a respectable score of 203. Whilst discussing these signs the stewardess leant over to the lady behind us as she handed her meal and said “Sausage & mash”…. Whilst on our little break we also celebrated our wedding anniversary of 8 years and underwent our ice bucket challenge for #our darling. I cannot believe how many have done this now, WOW ! what a great bunch of love and support we have, albeit a bit chilly…… Some incredible pledges, including Jan’s “Sunflower” earlier today the the little people too… ahhhhh – great stuff… These last few days have also seen Reuben visit the Canyon with Elvis and friends, complete with Las Vegas. Also cheddar woods and Swanage Bay had their fun days and poorly feet for some of the team from Aberystwyth and Reuben’s Rainbow relay… “Get well soon FEET”. It’s also nice to see Reuben popping up with you all across the UK and beyond on your Jollies. Special wishes to our lovely friends Danielle and James who tied the knot in Cyprus last week, Congratulations, to the fabulous Mr & Mrs Mylott. Enjoy the last stint of Summer before the new shoes make their way into school…. ( Hello Scotland, who have been back a while and a MEGA thank you to Eva and her school Cardross primary for raising £462.23 loom banding … wow !!!!! ) Im off to see Reuben’s garden now and to check that his beautiful windchime managed to stay intact…. Mike’s also treating us to Sunday dinner out, so no washing up for me….. yipeeeee Much LOVE Mummy Xxxx ( Isaac’s pool photo courtesy of JvW, also Jacob’s calzone, which beat him… bet Reuben would have ordered that too….)

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