31 July – Tomorrow brings us August… and a stark reminder that the world keeps turning

31 July – Tomorrow brings us August… and a stark reminder that the world keeps turning

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And we are back home….
We have just spent 4 stunning nights away for Mike’s birthday bash ( which seems to be going on forever, I know…) at a grade 2 listed Georgian manor house in the eden valley/ lakes area of our wonderful country. The house dates back to one of its early residents King Henry the first in 1138 and the visitors book tells tales of us not being the only ones in the house???? The weather was kind to us and we dined on fine food, drank too much wine, played games, and had the finest of company. Saturday night, everyone made the effort to wear 80’s dress up and Ali put together a “Who wants to me a millionaire 80’s stylie” for Mike to win his top prize. He had no idea and I have surprised him with a trip to Iceland next month for a short break with myself and Isaac in tow. (The country not the frozen food store). Thank you to the Roberts, Leonards, Vanweerdenburgs, Matthews, Jones, Mycocks, Miss Rothwell, and our suprise guests the Travis, Cambridges and Miss Moon. Gutted the Bradnams couldn’t make it, but their boy was on surprise leave from Afghanistan and they needed to see him back to base… and we know how important our kids are and as much as I am sorry we missed you, Im glad you got to see your amazing Son guys…..
As we left early this morning we headed to Mum in laws in Lancaster to drop Isaac off for 3 nights with Grandma. As we left the motorway on the Caton Rd I got really upset. Grandma had Isaac last year for 3 nights in the Summer and it was just before we went to Devon. Stress enveloped my tummy and made me cry of the great time he had with Grandma whilst Reuben stayed with us and memories of the handover at Botany bay, Reuben holding his head to one side, he had really really missed his big Brother and it was the last time that my Dad, Kath, Grandma and Mum in law saw Reuben conscious. I was missing Isaac before we even dropped him off and was dreading the next few days without him. I know its good for him though and I know life has to go on…. anyway, there was a turn of events and Mum G rang the phone to say Mike’s Grandma had a fall and was very poorly. We got to Mums and decided we would take Isaac again in a couple of weeks for 3 nights…. so he is home tucked up tight in bed and dreaming of the fun time he has had with his lovely friends and cousins……..
Wishing Grandma Betty a speedy recovery and lots of love.
Tomorrow brings us August… and a stark reminder that the world keeps turning…….
I am working on making some fun memories this coming month… and as a true “Brownie guide”, I promise that I will do my best

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