31 March – For our new support

31 March – For our new support

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For our new support ~ This poem I wrote 3 weeks after Reuben moved to heaven and it now sits proudly on a slate pebble at Reuben’s resting place……..
Thank you for joining Reuben’s new journey.
Anything you can do to help us reach our goal is greatly appreciated.

Reuben ~ by Mummy
You gave the bestest cuddles
The best I’ve ever known
They were so very special Reuben
Because they were home grown
You’d wrap yourself round tightly
And nuzzle into my cheek
I’d kiss your curls and squeeze you tight
And then i’d take a peek
To see if you would carry on
Or gently pull away
For Mummy didn’t steal just one
But many every day
For I was the lucky one
To have you as my son
And now I’m left here weeping
For you have sadly gone
I ache for you my darling
My world is not the same
I wish that things were different
So you’d be in my arms again
But now i have to carry on
Without you here to touch
My heart breaks every day
Because I love you so very much
I hope that you can see us
Wherever you may be
And i hope that you tell all your friends
About Isaac Daddy and me
And how your life was perfect, so happy and pure
And even if we tried real hard we couldn’t love you more
For we cannot see you Reuben
Or hear you speak our names
We cannot watch you learn and grow
And play your favourite games
Although we have the memories
To keep us warm at night
We wished we had you here dear Reuben
To hold you very tight
To kiss your curls and read you tales
Of knights so tough and bold
And tuck you up tight in your cot
To stop you getting cold
But you are gone and we are here
The memories we hold very dear
Your cheesy grin, your big brown eyes
Your cheeky ways, your big high 5’s
Good night Reuben and until we are together
We’ll keep you tucked up safe and warm
In our hearts and minds forever
Mummy xxxxxx

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