31 March – Safe journey

31 March – Safe journey

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Our Tuesday’s post…. we now “flip” as Tuesday’s were a day of heartache….. We opted to share our Tuesday’s about “challenges” and so far have shared many magnificent challenges…..

Today’s Tuesday challenge is a little bit different……

Today’s Tuesday challenge is about an undertaking that has been a 2 year 7 month enormous life changing challenge……

It was on a Tuesday that Reuben was admitted and airlifted… and it was on Tuesday the 21st of August that Reuben, Ali’s God Son moved to heaven….. On our return from that fateful trip, we started to plan Reuben’s celebration of life party. Wanting to help, Ali asked what could she do? Our charity was about to start….. I asked could she arrange an online giving service, so that our family and close friends could support our new cause. Ali set about this and also set up here, our facebook page…. she swears to this day that she never set the page to go live, she wanted Mummy to be LIKE number 1. Her niece saw the page and LIKED it and I was to be like 101. This was the start of our journey to make friends with the number “23”, the number that had so cruelly robbed us of our gorgeous boy aged … 23 months… the facebook page was launched on August the 23rd…(we are convinced that an Angel set the “go” button that day..) there were many “23” joys to follow.

Before long our new career paths had been forged and Reuben’s Retreat became our full time work. A path neither of us would ever have chosen, but a path that we often felt was very much chosen for us. Incredibly fulfilling work supporting families that need us.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one and we knew nothing of charity work when we embarked on this ambitious task.

We have shared some devastating lows and some incredible achievements and I don’t think we would be where we are today without the love and support of FGMF – Reuben’s Fairy God Mother Forever.

Ali will still support us from afar (Wigan), but the time has come to bid her farewell and wish her safe onward travel, as her new journey starts setting up her own “Booming” business.

Please join myself, Sally, Lynne, and our trustees in wishing Ali well and best wishes for her bright future

Lots of love

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