31 Oct – 23 things that losing Reuben has taught me….

31 Oct – 23 things that losing Reuben has taught me….

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For baby loss awareness week, we were invited to a remembrance with the team from Elizabeth way. I was asked to say a few words. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write. This is what I wrote and read. I hoped that by sharing, other parents wearing the same shoes and walking a similar path would not feel so lonely……
MY MISS x 23
23 things that losing Reuben has taught me
1) Heartache is physical
2) There are levels to crying and tears and some tears are best done privately
3) Kitchen roll far outweighs any super strong man size tissue
4) People will cross the road and that’s ok
5) Those that don’t cross the road may not say the right thing either and that’s ok
6) Grief can isolate you and make you feel alone
7) I never ever have to be reminded that I have lost him, not a moment of any waking day goes by that i don’t feel his loss in every aching bone in my body
8) Any new photographs found are like discovering the best treasure
9) Winning the lottery would not make me feel better, nor make me happy
10) He’s not coming home
11) Mummies & Daddies grieve differently
12) The loss of your child tests every single relationship you have
13) Some relationships survive, but it’s ok to walk away if that relationship isn’t helping you heal
14) I never wanted Isaac to be an only child, especially after experiencing a life shared with his little Brother
15) I have made peace with the number “23”
16) Grief is LOVE
17) The power of human kindness is insurmountable
18) I have never been let down by friends
19) Because you look ok, walk, talk and function some people think you are ok
20) You are never the same after “that day”
21) Memories are so very precious
22) Finding “happy” will happen
23) Life is for living, but I have no fear to leave this world when my time comes
Please feel free to SHARE this with any friend you have that holds “miss” in his or her heart too………
Tonight we are out having “halloween fun” with Isaac.
Making new memories with Reuben in our hearts and minds…..
Have a lovely weekend everybody,

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