27th December 2012 – It’s been emotional….but we did it.

27th December 2012 – It’s been emotional….but we did it.

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Its been emotional….. but we did it. Christmas Eve was probably the toughest part. Church tipped Mike over the edge and it was hard being there. Christingle was beautiful, and we were not alone. Lots of our friends and families were there too. And then back at home we settled a very giddy Isaac down for the night. He sat eating his curry saying “ Gosh Im so full, I cannot eat anymore, I think I need my bed???”. So eventually we gave in and let him go to bed? He is so funny…. Then we busied up and got everything sorted for the next morning. “ Mummy, Daddy, is it morning???” he shouted at a very respectable 730am… he had a full stocking in his room and then we made our way downstairs. He was so excited at the sight of the empty mince pie and carrot that he fell down the bottom 2 stairs and ended up in a crumpled heap on the floor. Captured on camera by Daddy, there’s a £250 recouped from Xmas when we send it in to YBF. He then made his way through 2 huge sackfuls of pressies, with a 3rd held back for Grandma’s arrival. Mike cried when I gave him his Reuben & Isaac cufflinks and I cried at everything and anything… just sad tears, with no bawling as I kept it back for Isaac’s sake. Mike bought me a lovely piece of Angela Smyth’s work and my lovely friend Cat had written a poem about Reuben and Ella and has asked Angie to sketch it and Ian framed it for us. Stunning! Then we headed up to Reuben’s garden with our neighbours G&B and had a chat with Reuben… it was a lovely crisp day and the cemetery was very busy with visitors, all, like us, with MISS in their hearts. Then the cavalry arrived, as Mum arrived with the Turkey and trimmings, my veggies were perfectly timed and we all sat down to a hearty dinner with all the trimmings… a family of 12… what I would have given to be a 13… my MISS was very very big at that point, how Reuben would have demolished all those pigs in blanket were he here. Isaac then opened a very special present from K&K, Thank you, thank you, eternally grateful for your kindness xxxx I floated through the rest of the day and drank too much Cava. Boxing day we all met up again at 1pm for doves at Reuben’s graveside. Isaac had written a letter to Reuben and we set free 9 doves for messages to heaven. Stunning and we are forever grateful Diane at Cherished memories, another true memory made for Reuben. Then homeward bound as the 12 of us sat down to Turkey curry. I MISS you every minute of every day sweet Reuben, and especially when the fun stuff happens….. This photo is for you Julie H, thank you for your lovely message, for your continued support and for purchasing number 16, “Christmas with by Big Brother the Star Wars fan”…. this was Reuben last year collapsing in a heap on the floor at Christmas, giddy that he had nicked Isaac’s light sabre… Sleep tight sweet angel boy, we all love you very much and thought about you endlessly and WISHED………reuben light saber xmas 2011

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