3rd April – Please Share

3rd April – Please Share

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Please SHARE…. Isaac has had me in stitches today… we bought Daddy some t-shirts.  I asked Isaac to say “nothing”… well.. isn’t that the worst thing I could have done… so far so good… I have managed to mask his crazy mouth with my hand an…d mouthe… sssshhhhhh!!!!!  They are alone for an hour tomorrow… the cat’ll be outta the bag and running them ragged round the living room…. Anyway….. Tonight’s post is about something scrumptious… something that everybody can be a party of… regardless of whether you are a big kid or a small kid… everybody likes BUN’s…… Lots of supporters have asked lately, how are you doing? What are you up to????  In truth we are still on target for the Million, but its taking a whole load of effort and support and that’s where YOU come in ???  For us to hit the MAGIC million in July 2014 we need to take an average of £10k a WEEK !!!! yes, a week! And £40k a month !!!! YIKES !!!!! So….. would you be so kind as to help us out this month and take part in our very first  ReuBUN-athon……….. Everybody Is encouraged to bake, buy, eat and sell cakes for Reuben between April the 23rd and 26th – SEE EVENT’s PAGE on FB. Now the 23rd is St George’s day if my memory serves me correctly…. So you could have 2 celebrations? Please SUPPORT where you can and send the photos in to us via the web of FB.  Take them to work, to school, to the office, the factory, the pub????   If you need Reuben’s leaflet/story to back it up then please mail; ali@reubensretreat.org and if you need any merchandise, liaise with Rachael@reubensretreat.org  (mugs, bands, hoodies, t-shirts, badges, sunflower seeds…) Our gorgeous trustee Cat, has prepared a poster for you too………..  WE know how he loved his cake!  God bless Reuben and all his angel friends eating cake & biscuits Xxxx Mummy xxxx

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