3rd Jan – Bupa Great Manchester Run – ‘Pride in your 10K Strides’

3rd Jan – Bupa Great Manchester Run – ‘Pride in your 10K Strides’

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Ali here, thanks for your messages and ideas on fundraising for 2013, please do keep them coming WE NEED YOU. Brief update just to let you know that all the legal stuff linked with launching a charity is still going on in the background. In the near future (trust me we will let you know when) we will be in a position to launch an alternative online donation site that will enable all you sporting athletes and some crazy people out there to get your own page up and running, set yourself targets, monitor your progress share with your mates etc, thank you for your patience and we will communicate to you as soon as this happens!
So we are working to prioritise everything, get things evented on here and on www.reubensretreat.org and we are really proud to say there has been a great amount of interest in the Bupa Great Manchester Run in May. With this in mind we have evented this, sadly FB will not let me add you so PLEASE JOIN THE EVENT if you are planning to run for Reuben. Below is a list of those who have asked about it & in some cases already registered, apologies if we have missed anyone off, Sarah Nic and I have done our bestest!
We are keen to have an event prior to this for all runners to meet up so if you haven’t could you please mail your details over for our database please TY x
WE are looking forward to seeing you all cross the finish line with a huge feeling for us of ‘PRIDE IN YOUR 10K STRIDES’……….GO ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!
Gemma Pinder – Rebecca Shields Picken – Staurt Fairley – Michelle Turley – Pam Morris – Tina Tomlinson +2 – Janette Lee – Lauren Booth – Tracey Haslam – Jayne Gaskin – Ellis Wood – Jody Berwick Brian Astbury – Natalie Smith – Emma Griffiths – Karon Edmunds x 2 – Chris Blackwell – Emma Parry Thorpe – Jackie Pratt plus a few! – Debbie Barker – AJ Kearslake – Zoe Bamber x 3

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