3rd July – Holly Bee it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Daisy

3rd July – Holly Bee it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Daisy

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So…. yesterday was another crazy day, followed by another one today….
Last night the tooth fairy delivered in a gold pouch (Isaac says she must have liked the purple one as she kept it..) £4.59 for Isaac’s first tooth. I said she made a throne with it and he was thrilled. I know £4.59 seems random, but you have just gotta go with what these fairies are going with these days.
Isaac was dropped off at school (still not wearing his own uniform shorts? After PE yesterday) and I headed for the fabulous Seraphina centre to catch up with Carl about our office and to meet the wonderful Gill & Mark from Bradley’s Bakery. We are hatching a bakery plan for Reuben’s birthday in September and I look forward to sharing more news with you on this project. Thank you Pearsons and Mettricks for supporting Bradleys in this exciting venture.
I then drove to Manchester to meet this lovely lady in the photo. Thank you Kerry & the wonderful team at Virgin for looking after and looking out for us, always. Holly Bee it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Daisy and thank you for the RT too! We also had the privilege of meeting the incredible Graham Hudson and Adrian Nottingham from the mustard tree and I look forward to a new project with Graham for the retreat in due course ~ lovely Gents!
I headed home via Reuben’s garden and I was a little teary eyed to say the least. Its been a funny couple of days and Rik has been sending me photos of Reuben’s headstone as the work progresses. Meeting incredible people along this journey does help, but it doesn’t take away the heartache that I feel day in and day out. As I approached Reuben’s garden, my tears fell, as I saw that his lovely bench has arrived. Thank you Dean and the bereavement team at Tameside. Thank you Tony, Isaac’s lovely God Daddy for contributing to the bench for our wonderful boy.
WE miss you Reuben, Isaac loves you very much and I hope you received those kisses he sent you yesterday, he sent you lots from the living room and blew them up high into the air.
WE wish that things were different and you were here eating tea with us…..
Right, Im off to sort myself out and pull myself together whilst I head over to see our fabulous cameraman Ben for our latest video project…. coming soon to mark our 1 year anniversary.
Lots of love and thanks for your continued support!

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