3rd May – Batman and Reuben

3rd May – Batman and Reuben

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Well, I am thrilled to bring to you tonight a brand new project. “Batman & Reuben” Caroline Shotton is a sensation and her artwork is highly collectable.  At a recent showing of her new works, she was chatting to Ian from the Hawthorn Gall…ery and “Herd” about Reuben’s Retreat.  As a loving Mother of 2 small boys, she wanted to help and so she worked on this wonderful piece for us based on the original “We could be heroes”.  A works which she had painted using her own boys as models in superhero outfits. How MOOOved were we, when she approached Ian and asked could she offer us an original pencil sketch dedicated to our very own boy wonder. This sketch is the original, there will be no prints from it.  It is mounted and framed ready for the lucky purchaser.  Will it go to a RR supporter?  A business ? or a collecter of art? or one of Caroline’s fans? The fate of “Batman & Reuben” is in your hands. TONIGHT from 8pm we launch a SILENT AUCTION which will run until 8pm on the 10th of May The reserve price on this fine piece is £1,495 If you would like to purchase “Batman & Reuben” please email;-  enquiries@thehawthorngallery.co.uk with your bid.  The piece will be sold to the highest bidder.  Subject to their agreement, we will reveal their identity. So PLEASE support by SHARING You HERD it here first…. MOOve over Superman….. Good Luck ~ MooMY

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