4 December – MISSing you loads little man

4 December – MISSing you loads little man

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hen Reuben was born he spent a week in SCBU and eventually we returned home and all was well. As a Reuben, his name was pronounced many different ways… Roobin, Rooban and so in the early hours of one morning whilst I was feeding him, it came to me… Reuben the “Cuban” as the rhyme could not be lost on anyone… so from that day on…. Our Reuben became “Reuben the Cuban” and his name even appeared as so on a beautiful prayer which his cousins wrote for him, for his goodbye party…
As Isaac was “Isaacbombizaktiddlyisaacpompisak” Reuben the Cuban became “Reubenthecubandiddlyubanvonstuben”
So ADVENT idea NUMBER 4 as we countdown to Christmas is;-
Why not hold a Reuben the Cuban night and drink mojito’s, Cuba libre, eat rice and beans and top it off with salsa dancing.
I hope that you are still enjoying our countdown to FUN-raising and please show your support with 4 kisses and a SHARE
MISSIng you loads little man…….

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