4th August – THANK YOU to all involved bringing this incredible tribute together.

4th August – THANK YOU to all involved bringing this incredible tribute together.

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Some time ago back in January at the Globe awards a dear travel friend of mine “Cherie” mentioned that her husband had his own family run memorial business and that although it was a delicate subject, she said that he would be able to help me out with anything that I wished to do as a lasting tribute for our darling boy.
I spoke with Rik a few times and we bounced some emails backwards and forwards. We spoke and mailed and text and spoke and mailed and text some more and then I went down to GH Davies in Shrewsbury to visit Rik and the team and his lovely family.
We were there… the stone was chosen and the order was placed. It would take 3 months at least for Reuben’s beautiful stone to arrive from India.
The font was chosen with help from Kathy & Erin at Stop the Clock design, there was some artwork added with help and support from the talented Angela Smyth and Isaac wrote the 4 lines on the front and signed his name on the back, a lasting tribute to his little Brother.
Once it arrived our project was underway. After a few tweaks the work commenced. Rik took photographs and documented the work along the way and he made us a memorial book of the work for us as a keepsake, so kind and thoughtful beyond words.
The day arrived and Rik and Stuart drove up from Shrewsbury. With close family and friends with us, they placed and secured Reuben’s headstone. I cried sad, happy and proud tears at what we had achieved. I loved it. Its something i wish I never had to do, but if I had to do it, I’m glad that he lays to rest where he does, right by Isaac’s school and that his plot, bench, garden and now headstone are a fitting tribute to a beautiful boy.
On the day the stone was fitted Isaac played with his school friends at the other side of the wall, practising for their sports day we could hear them running and cheering with laughter and fun.
Thank you Rik. For your patience, your kindness, your thoughtfulness and for working on a masterpiece for “Reuben ~ nearly 2”.
We are holding a memorial service for Reuben this month, and afterwards, when our close friends have seen Reuben’s stone I will post a photograph, as it is so lovely that I want to share it with YOU, our SUPPORT.
For now, this is a small section of it, and the poem I wrote to Reuben last September.
THANK YOU to all involved bringing this incredible tribute together.
Much love

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