4th June – ‘I MISS you with every beat of my broken heart’

4th June – ‘I MISS you with every beat of my broken heart’

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Today, this very day, last year, at this very time, we were boarding the aeroplane to Turkey. 2 weeks of fun packed sun with our boys and our friends in Icemeler. 2 weeks all inclusive.
Reuben’s speech really came on, he could even say “Charlotte” with the cutest of tongue twisting you had ever heard, he used to say “SHaRRLerttt”.
He ate more garlic bread than you could poke a stick at.
He wasn’t afraid of the bees.
He loved the dolmus and the trips to the village with David and Dad.
He laughed as Dad screamed when he had his nose waxed at the barbers.
He discovered that you could eat ice cream more than once in a day.
He loved the mini disco with Isaac and the girls and still sang the songs weeks later.
He sneaked into the kids club when nobody was watching as he wasnt allowed in.
He took to the water slides like a professional and loved being dunked in the water.
He didn’t like arm bands but loved his swim jacket.
He giggled as I tickled his tummy when applying the suncream.
He ate cucumber for breakfast.
He drank milkshake from flavoured straws
He said “cheers” with Daddy over a kebab.
He swam in the sea and tried to snorkel with Isaac.
He gave soggy cuddles on the sunbed
He had the heaviest of swim nappies
His chunky arms went brown
He had lots of photographs taken
He high fived everyone at mealtimes
He loved and was loved
He was the happiest of boys
And throughout all of this, this wonderful amazing and incredible family time… there was no tumour…… and we all came home from our holidays…..
I MISS you with every beat of my broken heart my darling boy and I am so glad we have the memories….
LOVING you forever,

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