4th September – Thank you wonderful people, all of you, for all you do

4th September – Thank you wonderful people, all of you, for all you do

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A funny morning as I got Isaac ready for school and walked him up the hill.
Seeing familiar faces and sharing stories of a Summer that seemed so far away now.
Lovely families, a beautiful school and great support.
Then I dropped by Reuben’s garden with my fellow Mummy friends and great support.
Thank you to the lovely lady that blew me a kiss from her car at the lights? I couldn’t see you for the sun, but thank you, I caught it.
Car loaded and off to the office for lots to catch up on.
Has the momentum shifted? Has the support drifted? Will we hit our goal? Are we on target?
Its a massive task and I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t get wobbly from time to time. My MISS was great today, my paranoia lurking and I doubted myself this morning and chatted to Ali about it………..
With so much to do and not enough hours in the day, we got on with it and sent some more web orders out.
I then logged on to FB and found the most beautiful message from a Mummy. She was writing to say that her house felt empty when she got back this morning as her beautiful child had started pre-school. Her little shadow gone, his belongings across the living room floor. She then got sad as she said that she can go and collect him and I cannot collect Reuben and that must be so painful. She went on to compliment me, and I am grateful for her kind words.
I cried…. and Ali laughed at the kitchen roll that has now replaced my tissues… BUMPER size (photo)
Life is very difficult without Reuben and some days are ok and some days are darker. Today was a little like that, and then I was “lifted”.
I think my darling boy sent me a few of you…..
The lovely words from Sarah, then a lovely post on fb from Michelle and Darren on their way to collect stock from us and news of not one not two but three Elvis events. Then i had a fabulous post from a lady in Zante who had bumped into a wedding party and they have taken Reuben’s photo, how fabulous is that. They are getting married in Zante and despite all that planning they had thought to support our cause and share Reuben’s story… genuine, wonderful people…. lots of pies sold and great comments and photos …. a lovely email from TTG re; Reuben’s birthday and a little something special planned….. And finally a visit from 2 friendly fabulous Police officers pledging their support for a “lord of the loops” 66 mile mountain bike challenge next June ALL in aid of Reuben’s Retreat, and a commitment to get us more runners for the 10k next May too.
Thank you wonderful people, all of you, for all you do…. we are forever grateful and appreciate every share, donation, comment, post, effort, love, kiss, hug, purchase and PIE eaten !!!!!

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