5 Dec – “you haven`t just thought it you have done it”

5 Dec – “you haven`t just thought it you have done it”

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What a lovely mail to receive……….
Please read, share and let’s all say a THANK YOU to all that make our journey possible………

We have hit our first £million, bought our retreat, and to date, we have supported 85 families…. that’s where your hard earned pennies are going….. we need more to continue and to REUBuild our retreat.
Hi Ali/Nic
Been thinking about you guys quite a lot recently .. as my youngest son is now the age your Reuben was when he was taken from you .. not meant to be a sad e-mail ..on the contrary. I have often wondered how you could have done what you did at such an awful time but when I look at Ben now and see what he is like and what a character he is, ( I’m sure Reuben was the same ) the question isn`t how could you do what you did .. the question is how could you not …
What is amazing though is you haven`t just thought it you have done it and that is what separates you guys from the majority of “normal” folk out there. Reuben’s is a huge inspiration to I imagine so many people and long may that continue .. I don`t think me and Claire have ever felt such a connection to a charity and Ali.. that is down to you by the way .. and we will I’m sure support you for a long time to come.

Business has been tough this last few months so apologies If I haven`t been in touch much but hopefully 2015 will be great. One thing I think you could and should push .. if you don`t already is the salary sacrifice scheme that we do .. very very few people say no and it’s a great way of spreading the word .. and if you managed to get some bigger businesses on board could be a great boost in terms of regular income. You may already be totally on top of this but if you are not then why don`t you use us as a case study, I can get our marketing manager, Claire Hextall to put something together that you could circulate .. at the end of the day who misses a fiver a month ???

Anyway I just wanted to drop you a note to say we are 100% behind the cause and hope you achieve all your goals in 2015. Whilst Reubens life was short his legacy will live on long after we are all a distant memory which is all down to your amazing dedication.

Lots of love to you all, from all the team at Four.


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