5 May – What an incredible weekend.

5 May – What an incredible weekend.

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What an incredible weekend…..

Some time ago a lovely lady named Rebecca contacted me to see if we would like to be one of their chosen charities for a butterfly ball at Mere on the 3rd of May. After a call and a meeting we were thrilled to be a part of something wonderful. I couldn’t make the event as I was attending my lovely friends wedding in Herefordshire. Becky and Bethany attended on our behalf and delivered Mummy’s words, as well as Reuben bands to Martin Ofiah and Marcus Collins, photos too !!! Thank you Rebecca and the team for the meticulous time and effort that I know goes into such a grand occasion….. more on the butterfly ball to come……

Whilst that was happening, we also had a fabulous dance event by Millie and friends, their street dance group TDS dance were raising funds and dancing their socks off – THANK YOU !!!

And Laurel and Hardy were in the mix too – as we were the chosen charity for a hosted event courtesy of the lovey Sue this weekend…. With visitors from across the pond visiting another spectacular event hosted in our region. THANK YOU SUE and all that supported us this weekend….. ” That’s another fine mess they got us into”… PROUD

Thank you to Dobcross bowling club and Becky for covering another set of Mummy words…….

And while all this was happening, we were enjoying the most incredible day with lovely friends.
We met at the scrumpy house on Friday night and it was the most perfect evening to get settled into the Herefordshire way….
Saturday morning we were greeted by the most beautiful sky kiss at St Bartholomews church at the gates of “Homme house”. LOVE was in the air for sure and the ceremony was beautiful and included music and words written by the Groom. Few dry eyes in the house as Mr & Mrs F tied the knot. The sun shone brighter than the stunning Bentleys that then took the happy couple and family up to the house. Greeted by another sky kiss I couldn’t wait to kiss and hug the Bride and have a sneaky photo or 2 taken. The weather was gorgeous and as Isaac played with spacehoppers and croquet on the lawn we ate sausage and mash canapes and drank prosecco and jam jar G & T’s from the “speak easy”. Catching up with friends and making new ones was on the agenda and it was such a beautiful and relaxed afternoon. I had MISS in my heart but this was eased as we were in such lovely company and so well looked after. Ushered into the dining room we were greeted by perfect and personal books chosen for each guest, supported by our wedding favours, bookmarks. I was also left a special gift and I will treasure it forever. The meal was incredible and we dined on Roast Beef and yorkie puds, it was special. The catering team were phenomenal and so attentive. Attention to detail was paramount and the flowers adorning the entire country house were spectacular. Photographs of all the guests were littered around the spectacular house including a lovely photo of our darling Reuben. Simon’s speech was incredibly moving and it illustrated what LOVE truly is. Simon has lived with the biggest MISS for a large proportion of his life and to see him so happy will stay with me for a long long time. Absorbing every word it meant so much. Simon also shared that our incredible friends, their friends and family in lieu of gifts as in their words “we already have a toaster”… raised over £1,000 pounds for Reuben’s Retreat ~ how special, how truly wonderful. Such generous hearts, we are humbled. More tears…… The night then rocked to the live music, for one night only, of Simon’s band, “let the pigs have a party” and everyone danced……….
Thank you Simon and Ali F for a truly magnificent day, for the fun, the sunshine times, the memories, your thoughtfulness, your kindness and for being beautiful friends.
We will never ever forget your day and it was testament to how much you are loved and how loving you both are.
We had MISS in our hearts, but we also had some smiles and laughter…. I will remember the day fondly, as the day that brought a bit of “Nic & Mike” back…..
Congratulations to you both, wishing you much deserved happiness
Nic, Mike, Isaac & Angel Reuben

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