5 May – Tuesday challenge

5 May – Tuesday challenge

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Today’s TUESDAY challenge, flippin TEWSDAY’s on their heads to make then positive ……
HAS TO BE our REUnners !!!!!!
What an incredible bunch of people !!!!
I WILL BE AT THE FINISH LINE waiting for you ALL to come through – with a BIG HUG and a THANK YOU from myself, our darling Reuben and a fab team of “cheerers” too. (Look for us after the finish line and after the news/film crews, we will be on your right with a banner)
WE are ALL rooting for you !!!!!!!
The atmosphere will be ELECTRIC the City will be REUBlue the LOVE will swarm the streets of ManchestERRRRRR
and YOU will have PRIDE in every STRIDE …..
WE are ‪#‎Forevergrateful‬ for your LOVE, Support and trainers!!!
So get your pumps on, your REUBlue armour and go “leg it” !!!!
Lots of LOVE
Mummy, Daddy, Isaac & Angel Reuben
This year, Isaac, Daddy & Auntie Rach are all running too ……
It’s a family affair x

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