5th July – This is Reuben’s Daddy here, I understand I can’t bring Reuben back

5th July – This is Reuben’s Daddy here, I understand I can’t bring Reuben back

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Good afternoon…..this is Reuben’s Daddy here….
I am here to ask for your HELP
I understand I can’t bring Reuben back….I accept he isn’t here in body even though all I want is to touch and smell him…

So I think of things I LIKE now…..
I LIKE spending quality time with Nic and Isaac – they are what keeps me sane (sometimes)
I LIKE spending quality time with friends and everyone I know in the travel industry
I LIKE the kindness and generosity of people I don’t know
I LIKE listening to songs in the car that remind me of Reuben
I LIKE talking to other parents about my children (yes I have two…although its difficult to explain that to people I don’t know when they ask ?)
I LIKE listening to other parents about what their children are doing
(especially the funny stories every parent has)
I LIKE thinking as it hurts (which I know is LOVE) and this makes me REMEMBER memories

Things I don’t LIKE now
Thinking TOO much as it really, really, really hurts…

So please HELP me now…….please can you LIKE this page TODAY to ensure you continue to receive our updates

Not only LIKE it, please can you SHARE this page TODAY

If you’re on Twitter then please FOLLOW us @reubensretreat and RT our tweets

And finally you probably know we have launched “Come Dine with Me ” for the month of July
You can WIN a Jean Christophe Novelli Cookery Masterclass…..I bought this as a surprise for Nics 40th birthday, a couple of years ago……. Reuben was 10 months old and it was our first weekend away together since Reuben had been born

I will never forget dropping Nic off at Jean Christophe’s house when she said she had more butterflies before going into his kitchen than on our wedding day…..!!
If you would like to get than funny feeling in your stomach then make sure you take a pic of your dish (before you eat it) and post it on facebook, donate just ten pounds online to be in with a chance of winning a Jean Christophe Masterclass

Please SHARE, FOLLOW and HELP by letting friends, family, work colleagues and business know our story

Lots of Love…..Mike x

( Photo ~ July 2011 ~ Eclipse from Venice, Reuben had chickenpox, we were quarantined to cabin… hence brekkie in bed.. there’s another story…)

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