5th October – Wishing Reg’s family love and peace

5th October – Wishing Reg’s family love and peace

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Reuben’s Retreat will be many things, more than we could have ever envisaged. It won’t be hosting funerals from its office in Ashton though?
No you didn’t misread my lines……
Heaven gained a lovely Gentleman recently, Reginald Fisher. Isn’t that a fine name. I hope that Reuben was waiting for him with his favourite biscuit and tipple.
It looks like Reg and Reuben decided to play a few tricks in lieu of Reg’s forthcoming wake. A wake which also falls on his daughter Mandy’s 40th birthday.
I have got to know Rachel and Mandy in the past few months as they work near our new office. Lovely Ladies with warm hearts they decided with Mum that in lieu of flowers they would prefer donations to Reuben’s Retreat for Reg’s goodbye party and celebration of life this coming Tuesday.
I will be in the office on Tuesday morning, incase we get any visitors and in honour of Reg, I might purchase his favourite drink to give in Reuben mugs for anyone that pops by.
You will see from the announcement that there has been a “mix up” and that it states the funeral is at our office.
It made the lovely Mandy and Rachel smile anyway and we did have a laugh about it.
Wishing Reg’s family love and peace this Tuesday and please join me in wishing Mandy a happy 40th birthday, as its what Reg would have wanted.
God Bless

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