6 April – on this new journey with Reuben

6 April – on this new journey with Reuben

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It is said that there are no coincidences?
On this new journey with Reuben, there are many many stories to tell. There are many people that have come forward to assist, support, donate and do…. lots of them… hundreds and thousands of them. Some we have met, and others we will never know about.
Today, Ali and I met with our volunteer design and plan team. Incredible people with exceptional talents and skills. We talked for 4 hours about phase one and how we were going to work to bring our bereavement, counselling and support centre to life. How we were going to get the best out of the building, within the best time scales, at the best cost, following all the necessary rules and regulations, making a space that would suit our beneficiaries, and would also allow us to create some revenue too.
I believe that on this new journey, we have met some key people that were meant to be in our lives to help create something special………….
Thank you Ali, Bill, Andy, Katie and Paul for working so hard and giving up your Sunday and thank you Karon and Dave for the pick up and delivery.
If all goes to plan, we sign for Reuben’s Retreat in 17 days…….. keep tuned in folks

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