6 Feb – It’s when tragedy strikes that you know who your friends are

6 Feb – It’s when tragedy strikes that you know who your friends are

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Sometimes friends come and go….sometimes months can pass and years can pass and then you “hook up” again and it feels like yesterday…. I love facebook because it keeps me in touch with many friends across the miles, oceans and lands…..
12 years ago I bought 20 tickets to go and see Peter Kay with friends…. they were fans of Phoenix nights like me and I knew we’d all have a great time…..
In preparation of this trip I made 20 badges of key PK lines, along with an image…..
In those days we didn’t have all singing all dancing digital stuff like now, so it was a bit of printing, a felt tip and some day glo stickers from staples….
We all had a great night, fab memories.
In the years to follow I would leave my single life behind and create a family of my own. My life’s journey unfolding with less smiles on the horizon…. and a whole chasm of “miss” and heartache.
It’s when tragedy strikes that you know who your friends are. And as I have said many times before, I have never been disappointed, I have and continue to be truly blessed by loving and supportive friends old and new……
The laughing is less frequent these days… but it’s coming back…..
Not long after we lost Reuben, my lovely friend Adam sent me this image … He had kept his badge all these years… it brought a smile to my face…..
On the 1st of December I received a text, I was having a really “pants” day…..
“Did you get Phoenix nights tickets”
“No, I didnt know about them… gutted”
“Good job we got you and Mike a pair then”
“You beauty”
What followed was a daily barrage of Phoenix night one liners from Adam and his lovely Wife Dav, making me smile.
The time has come to laugh until my sides hurt and I am very much looking forward to it. The timing is perfect.
Friends make the world a better place, as I’m sure you agree….
“It’s people like Jim that keep me going…. Jim McDonald”
Have a lovely weekend, whatever your plans are, I hope they make you smile……

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