6 January – Every day I wake and think “Did that really happen to us”

6 January – Every day I wake and think “Did that really happen to us”

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Bon Soir !!!!
We have returned from our adventures.
Isaac’s extravagant 6th birthday present, a trip to Disneyland Paris.
We left on Friday morning for the airport at 5am and by lunchtime we had flown, transferred , checked in and were in Disneyland’s park.
Our first ride was “Star tours” and for a limited time only, became Isaac’s favourite. Isaac had a great time, full of fun and thrill he also enjoyed the Aerosmith roller coaster and experienced the Hollywood tower of terror. A real thrill seeker, we have an adrenaline junkie on our hands, aged 6.
He came out with some funny lines whilst we were there.
His first being “ You can chat with me you know” as we ate lunch together.
His second was “ Dad, can we just get out of here, like now…” as we entered the gift shop after getting off the tower of terror ride
And his third funny line was “ Mummy you just woke me up then!!!” as I asked him was he ok as we held hands leaving the park after the firework display. He was leaving the park sleepwalking!!!!
He came out with many more, but those stick in my mind. I also find it cute as he refers to “tomorrow” as “the day be after”.
Naturally, we missed Reuben at every turn and whilst we watched the fireworks and show at the castle on Saturday night I cried for my darling Son. I cried for the one on Mike’s shoulders taking in every second and I cried for the one in heaven whom we miss with our broken hearts. I cannot promise it gets easier, it doesn’t, we are just learning to live with it. There were thousands of children there, and thousands of siblings and one particular day I saw a little one from the back, the same height, hair and stance as Reuben and that knocks the wind from you. But I have to smile and carry on and think how blessed I am to be able to treat Isaac to such a fantastic adventure with his Mummy and Daddy whom love and cherish him so very much.
Home now and tomorrow Im back to work. We have a lot to achieve this year. The last 2 weeks have been very emotional, every day I wake and think “Did that really happen to us”….. its all hard without him, and especially when the fun stuff happens… but boy am I glad we had him….
Love and miss you every day, sweet darling precious boy

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