8 October – Bye bye Car

8 October – Bye bye Car

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Nothing lasts forever ….. And that goes for my Mummy wheels too.

Today I bid my little car a “goodbye” the car that I bought with my redundancy from my travel when Isaac was 4 months old. The car that took us to baby swim and then hosted my return to work. The car that then held my 2 boys. The car that Reuben used to have the candle happy birthday hat in, which he used to press, pop it on his head and sing happy birthday really loud …. EVERYday!!!! The car where when we sat at the lights he shouted MUMMMmm really loud and pointed to his socks and said “pideyman sox”

The car that held lots of songs and laughter and classic fm for babies.
Reuben knew I was sad and sent me a butterfly on my bonnet before I left. He also clocked my photo taken at 12:23.

On my way to Bolton I followed a car and the Reg was R.3 RRR

And when Daddy and Isaac piled in earlier, the song on the radio was one of our 3 first dance songs “500 mile”.

I look forward to getting my new car Reuben’d and it’s lovely.

Thank you to DT and crew, thank you Mum for the loan, thank you to my friend Michelle for introducing me to Paul and his lovely team that looked after me. Thank you Dave, exceptional service and Lee, you’re a Gent!

More miles to come and more work to be done ….

I look forward to putting my new REU plates on.

Thank you for staying close darling xxxx we love and miss you more than all the miles covered across the whole wide world

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