4 November – CAFT

4 November – CAFT

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A while ago an offer came through that we couldn’t afford to pass by …..

Tom from “caft” – The children’s adventure farm trust got in touch to offer to help share his knowledge and expertise for our build and charity.  For a while I had wanted to get in touch to go over to see their offering and experience their operation.

It’s so valuable to us to gain as much knowledge as possible, to collaborate, to share and to support one another.

What an absolute treasure.

An opportunity for us as a team to visit, understand and learn from a similar set up of what Reuben’s RetreAt will be in its entirety by 2020. CAFT have an incredible 30 years of running and their operation is a well oiled machine.

Tom (Head of Operations) was incredibly helpful, knowledgable, kind and understanding.
We cannot thank him enough for his time, support & friendship and look forward to returning the invitation and share our retreat with him.

A real sense of, we are in this “together” Reuben sent I’m sure.

I think I speak for us all Tom when I thank you and say that we all got lots from today, invaluable.
Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule for us.

See you soon,
Nic, Sally Anne, Rachael & Lynne

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