6th March – I’m Sam (Reuben’s god daddy).

6th March – I’m Sam (Reuben’s god daddy).

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Hey guys, I’m Sam (Reuben’s god daddy). As I’m volunteering and helping out Ali (FGMF) I thought I’d write my first EVER post for Reuben’s Retreat….So here goes! To all our AMAZING supporters I’d like to ask a BIG favour on Reuben’s behal…f that you sign up for 2 things…. today I officially launch a fun way to donate, the kids will love this you drag and drop pennies into a Piggy Bank, how cool, you can sign up to drop a small amount in everyday e.g. 23p! www.ploink.co.uk/charity/reubens-retreat
The other one 164 of you have signed up to already, and I would love by mothering Sunday for a lot more of you to have signed up, giving my Auntie Nic the  boost she needs, cheering her up on another hard milestone. www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/reubensretreat/
These are great ways to help us reach our amazing goals that we are well on the way to achieving due to your great support. Many thanks. Sam (Reuben’s God Daddy).

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