7 August – Dreams

7 August – Dreams

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I don’t often dream about Reuben. Sadly I can count on one hand the amount of times I have.
This morning as I drifted back to sleep I had a little dream about him.
He was giggling as I removed his soggy nappy after a sleep and I was placing him in the bath to play…..
Splashing the water we were laughing together….
It was lovely, but then made me very sad when I woke.
I spoke with a lovely Mum today…she said, you just want to hold them again don’t you …… and smell them, was my reply…..

Relationships after loss are never the same. Coming to terms with my love for Isaac all over again has been difficult. I found loving him painful and filled with fear. Of course I never stopped loving him, not ever……

These days I hug and kiss him and sniff him more than ever…. he probably thinks Im a bit bonkers …..

Cherishing every day, as before I know it, he won’t respond to such hugs of love and affection.



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