7 Feb – People are incredibly generous and kind

7 Feb – People are incredibly generous and kind

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After a late finish last night with Carrier Travel in Alderley Edge (THANK YOU EVERYONE INVOLVED), Becki arrived for an early start this morning. She walked with me to drop Isaac by school as we were visiting Reuben’s garden. Afterwards we stopped by the incredible ladies at Stop the clock design to collect an order of “Thank you” cards. Next stop was what we hope in a matter of weeks will be Reuben’s Retreat (we are awaiting replies from their solicitors to our solicitors before we move to the next stage.. completion is imminent). We then stopped by the Hawthorn gallery before heading to the office. On my way to the office I parked at the petrol station to collect cash and subway sarnies all round. On my way out of the station a Gentleman said “hello”. As I got into my car there was a tap on my window, it was the same Gentleman handing me a note, a donation. I knew his face but couldn’t remember where I had seen him. I thanked him as I was bowled over by his kindness and I updated him on our incredible plans. He follows us here and promised to keep in touch. Reaching the office I tried to catch up on as much work as possible before school time was over and a trip to McDonalds for Isaac with friends. A man asked me at the til what was Reuben’s Retreat. I explained and he kindly handed over my second note of the day towards our cause with a pledge to keep in touch. We have collected an incredible amount of money and were on track for the £million. February will be an interesting month and will be the decider as to us hitting or missing target after a tough January. People are incredibly generous and kind and we would not be purchasing our property so soon were it not for such kindness.
Keep in touch and please make sure we are featuring in your feeds.
Thank you as always,

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