7 March – Thinking of a special Mummy

7 March – Thinking of a special Mummy

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I am thinking of a very special Mummy this weekend. I am thinking about all the challenges she has come through, and how much she has achieved. Child loss affects Mums and Dads differently. Child loss is as individual to the parent as they are themselves. Each of us unique in our own way. You may or may not have other children in your life after loss, you may go on to create more children, you may not be so fortunate, you may make the decision not to, the decision may be taken away from you…..
Regardless of whether you add to your family after loss, it does not ease the pain. You could go on to have another 7, 8, 9, 10 children, but it won’t take away the pain of that loss.
The days, weeks, months and years pass, but the pain is still there, etched into your heart that never beat the same after that fateful day. Time doesn’t heal, it merely gives you the skills and experiences to carry on. Your grief remains as it was and is and life works around it. Whether it be a first, second or sixteenth anniversary of your child passing, it still hurts. The run up to that date all the more painful as you recount all those painful dates, hours, moments….. this was our last…. that was our final…. it was then at that time that I heard… that photograph is …. those words were… the plans made….
It takes great strength and courage to get through those dark days…. and sometimes to just “be” is as much as you can be….
Thinking of you today and next week and beyond…. you know who you are… I am / we are here ….. always….
And I spare a thought for every heart that this post resonates with. Sending LOVE
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