7 May – Written by my dear friend Sharon M

7 May – Written by my dear friend Sharon M

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Written by my dear friend Sharon M

I spend hours a day making peoples holiday dreams come true
I have one friend, who’s real dream I cannot fulfill
But she does have another… or a vision no less
It’s captured us all and it’s going to impress.

For some time we’ve been waiting, and at last with great pride,
Nicola gave the first glimpses, of just the outside.
‘Mummy’ and her family at RR HQ
Revealed what’s been possible, with the help of YOU.

As a result of the loss of her beautiful boy
Alongside the grief and this miss, is some joy.
Tinged with a sadness, beyond what most know
Is news of a place to provide solace, where families will go

A place to relax, recharge and rebuild
A place where families will go to fulfill…
Quality time, a break from the norm,
Where calm will ride over a usual storm

A place for understanding, a place to have fun
A place that will welcome EVERYONE

But in order to do this and do it so well
It needs you to SHOUT out and make sure you TELL
…..Everyone you know, and those who you meet
Those who’ve not heard of Reuben’s Retreat

Because its no longer just a vision, you can see for yourselves
The shell stands so proudly, it just needs the elves
The hard work continues, we’ll all play our part
And from inside that shell, will grow a big heart

One that will comfort and counsel its guests
One to provide a big hug and a rest
An escape to make memories, share stories, relax
To listen, to laugh and enjoy to the max

With a vision beyond what most could believe
Many ideas already conceived
A day to day running of a successful operation
Helping out families all over the nation

So if you have an idea, no matter how small
Or wacky, or unusual, they’ll listen to them all
As for anything to succeed it needs the support
Fundraising must continue, they must never run short

So what I am asking, is for all of my friends
(I know that you’ll watch this, the story won’t end)
Is to LIKE and to FOLLOW, then one more thing to do…
Please share this great NEWS with all your friends too

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