7 Sep – The torment of miss still lies there every day

7 Sep – The torment of miss still lies there every day

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This weekend, I have felt very blessed.

What we have experienced this last 2 years has been so profound, and has taught me so much more than I would ever expect to learn in a lifetime. And I am still learning.

I feel like I am emerging from the fog of grief and seeing the world through different eyes. The cloudiness is lifting… and I am slowly learning to be me again. A new me, different than I was in 2012.

The pain still lingers, the tragedy still unfolds, my mind still drip feeding the events of those fateful days and nights… the torment of miss still lies there every day…….

But despite this, we are very blessed.

I have a loving husband, a gorgeous Son, a loving family and great great friends, old and new.

Last night, an entire family came together to put on a fabulous event for us. Albeit one of them, until last night, they were strangers to us and had never met us before. The entire family worked tirelessly to put on a lovely event and were still clearing away at gone midnight last night. I want to thank Amy, her family, especially the gorgeous Kale and Meagan ( I really hope Ive spelt your names correctly) for arranging stand up bingo so magnificently. Raising £233 (another ~23~ nod from Reuben) and for being so kind as to save me the number “23”….. A fabulous amount of money raised, more support rallied and we were reaching out to a new corner of the UK too. A night at the OpeREU, spectacular !!!

Also a big THANK YOU to my Mum in law and our friends in Lancaster, who regularly pull out all the stops to raise, support and attend events !!!

Thank you to Auntie Rach and our fabulous volunteer Sally for attending a very special palliative care event yesterday, as we slowly start to build up our support and take it to its next vital stage.

A big HIGH 5 to our 10k runners this weekend and to all those running the Great North run including Reuben’s childminder, the lovely Sarah B, and a big shout out to Chris Sagar!

Thank you to our vollies, that support every weekend without fail and GOOD LUCK to Beth, Dave and crew for the MILLION steps for Reuben today!

Reuben continues to be a part of our family, and he lives in the hearts of so many of you….. He has become a part of many families that never even met him. In his name we carry out incredible work together and make a tiny part of the world a little bit better for those with #miss in their hearts. He brings family, friends and community together.

As we approach this week, he would have been 4 years old…….

Please tune in to Granada Reports on his birthday, for a quick 2 minute update…. as you tuck into your sausage & mash.

#MISS you more than words our darling darling boy…. and we still cannot believe that this has happened to us. We LOVE you so much sweetheart. Please stay close as we approach your birthday…

Reuben Michael 10/9/10 – 21/8/12
Forever “nearly 2”

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